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EvoWorx brings you the Evo Fighter, a tournament grade fighter stick made with official Sanwa Joystick and buttons. With solid aluminium struts and 8mm acrylic casing, choose from 4 template designs and fully customise skin colour, button colours and joystick colour..

The Evo Fighter is fully compatible with our Evo CCI web app which allows you to customise your fighter stick further, remap your buttons for a truly personal gaming experience, enhance your shooting with the editable Rapid Fire function, access pre-defined combination moves for all your favourite PS4 gaming characters and custom create macros of your own. Create with our custom macro interface or live record yourself in action.

Evo Fighter, beautiful but deadly. Play the way YOU want to play and redefine everything.

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New Street Fighter V combos for multiple characters 30/08/2016
New Kitana roundhouse kick combos MKX 28/08/2016


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